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Schoolhouse Rock Merchandise

Score smart-looking Schoolhouse Rock! items and show everyone how much you love episodes from the Schoolhouse Rock TV series. Shop for Schoolhouse Rock clothing, including everything from Conjunction Junction t-shirts and Computer Rock hoodies to Multiplication Rock tote bags and My Hero, Zero mugs. In fact, we have tons of Schoolhouse Rock apparel, as well as Schoolhouse Rock tv show items like stickers, banners and water bottles. Choose from lots of unique fan-designed clothing and merchandise, also popular for fans of the bbc.

Click on any design below to see it featured on our large variety of products!

Rufus Xavier

Ready or Not


Melting Pot

Mother Necessity

Number Nine

Dollars and Sense

Telegraph Lane

Elbow Room

Not-So-Dry Bones


Magic Number

Interplanet Janet

A Noun

The Shot

Figure Eight

No More Kings


The Preamble


Lolly Lolly Lolly


My Hero, Zero

Just a Bill

Conjunction Junction

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